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I went to Guemes Island as a nanny in the Fall of 2017. We took a ferry over from Anacortes – just next-door to Seattle. The wedding was wonderful and full of love. The air was crisp, the air fresh. Apparently, Guemes Island is the ‘love center’ of the San Juan was relaxed and quiet. There’s only some 600 residents year round. There was something quite magnetic about the island; funny given that there’s a ‘magnetic disturbance’ there. ‘There’s an unexplained magnetic disturbance surrounding Guemes Island that throws compasses off by nearly 14 degrees. The skew is identified on most nautical charts, but it’s still wise to float that sunset cruise in long before dark’ (


According to Anacortes.Org, for over 10,000 years people have inhabited the islands. The Samish and Swinomish are the most recent native people’s to arrive. In the late 1700’s, an explorer named Carrasco discovered the entrance to Deception Pass, a strait separating Whidbey Island from Fidalgo Island. A year later, Narvaez discovered and named what is Guemes Island.

From the 1960’s til now, Guemes Island has a reputation for arts and crafts. Many fine artists dwell in the community here (which seems to be the narrative for all spaces these days – the artists take over!).