All of us fight hidden, silent battles against not being good enough, not having enough and not belonging enough. – Brené Brown
Clark, Lacey. “Jump for Joy at Long Beach” 2016. iPhone image.
As a kid that grew up all over and never really getting chances to plant my roots down deep, physical space has taken on such a personal meaning to me.
What is defined as ‘belonging’ is largely considered as longevity in communities, understanding your local geography, being a local, being visible, being known, being seasoned in the area. Having fresh eyes rarely equates to belonging. Bewildered new kids enter the physical landscapes of elementary schools, they very quickly discover the social landscape is much harder to feel present in. We have all experienced this.
How does physical space bring comfort then? Physical space is exactly what it is. You see, observe, and study – you view, feel, sense, and interact with it as it is. It remains. It is a constant presence. The eyes that look back at you are embedded in history, they have answers, questions, solutions. It is the past, the present, and the future. Physical space is the wisest and most reliable teacher I have encountered.
Clark, Lacey. “Forestry Learning Center Tour”. 2018. Digital.